Partner with us!  Invest in a winning education strategy
for all schools in Oklahoma.  

Maximum Impact + No Cost to Individual Schools = Transformation  

For 16 years, OKA+ Schools has partnered with public, charter, and private schools to create the best  learning environment for students.  With demonstrated success in every learning environment (urban, rural, suburban, high income, low income, and PK-12th grade), we have impacted 300,000 students and trained over 20,000 educators. We are in the business of creating stronger schools, creative teachers, and successful students! 

Our programs and resources are made possible by generous A+ partners.  This allows all of our services to be provided to each school at no cost.  We are value added without affecting local school budgets. All gifts are tax deductible.


Donating to Oklahoma A+ Schools impacts children all over the state and
provides real solutions and transformation!      




OKA+ Schools Current Impact


OKA+ Schools is a community effort! Become a community partner, sponsor, or advocate.  Schools in Oklahoma need answers now.  Help us expand our reach.  Help us help more schools.  Help us impact more teachers and students.  Supporting OKA+ Schools helps schools in Oklahoma thrive!  

Your tax deductible investment will:


  • Offer Arts-Integration Workshops in Arts Deficient Communities.
  • Provide quality, customized professional development for teachers across Oklahoma.
  • Coach teachers in Oklahoma's only research-based, whole school transformation model.
  • Nurture creativity in students across Oklahoma.  
  • Increase student achievement scores in core curriculum.
  • Create happier and more engaged students.
  • Develop a stronger support network for educators.
  • Prepare teachers and principals to think more creatively about how to present curriculum in collaborative and hands-on ways.   









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