OKA+ Featured Videos

Hear a teacher and OKA+ Fellow describe how the A+ Essentials come to life in his classroom.

President Clinton Endorses A+ Schools on C-Span

Experiencing the Harlem Renaissance, at Millwood Arts Academy.

Erham Christopher presents: Creating Community, a video capturing the importance of creativity in school.

Recreating America Flower Mound Story, hear how one OKA+ school is helping to recreate the American classroom in order to nurture creativity in every learner.

Not the Average, a song written by OKA+ Fellow Cindy Scarberry - Vocals: Amber Gunter, Amelia May, and Cindy Scarberry - Musicians: Terry Scarberry: guitar; Steve Short: drums; Brad Benge: bass; Dennis Borycki: piano.

An Oklahoma news report on the importance of creative education featuring an OKA+ school.

A+ Essentials, a Staplegun production - hear experts describing the importance of the OKA+ model to school reform in Oklahoma.

Creativity Institute, 2012, a result of the Educators Leadership Academy with funding from the Dana Foundation.

Experience a day in the life of an OKA+ Demonstration School.

Hear what students have to say about going to an OKA+ school.

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