Return on Investment

OKA+ Schools is free of upfront costs to Oklahoma member schools. Any cost would be a significant barrier to participation for many schools. A schools cost is in its commitment to the network and a realignment of resources in order to facilitate effective implementation. public and private support for direct programming translates into an average annual investment of $15 a child.

OKA+ Schools is extremely efficient as it:

  • works with schools that are ready and committed to improvement
  • uses a knowledge base and coaching from Oklahomans who have transformed some of the lowest performing schools in the state
  • creates a support network of schools that share a commitment
  • serves as an access point, connecting people and groups who have creative talents
    or resources to the schools that will benefit

  • provides guidance and support to help Oklahoma teachers and principals think more
    creatively about how to present their curriculum in collaborative and hands-on ways

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