Tools For Schools

We have heard from our researchers and from you that the more completely a school engages in OKA+ implementation, the better the results in student achievement both in academics and in attendance and behavior. We have also heard that schools need clarity and focus on what engagement and implementation look like in schools and guidance in the ongoing process. These are the instruments that were developed in response to this understanding. The tools are in three parts, and provide three ways to consider your work.


OKA+ Identity Scale (Phase 1) – This instrument (OKA+IS) is designed to give a quick snapshot of your school. The OKA+IS will serve as a starting point to begin the deeper consideration essential to Phase 2.



OKA+ Reflection Rubric (Phase 2) – Designed to be deeper in focus, the Reflection Rubric is like a series of vignettes or video clips in which you can peer into the day-to-day practice and conversations within the school. This document provides options to indicate a request for assistance within the building or from OKA+.


 OKA+ Implementation Guide – This is your planning tool. Think of it as a project guide and sketchbook in which you can consider ideas and record your implementation plans for the coming year. Divided by the essentials, it offers practices used in schools along a continuum of implementation, and space to pick and choose, making notes of what ideas a school will implement, when, and with whom.




OKA+ COA Description - As you consider when and how you will use these tools, your Regional Coordinators and Program Director are ready to provide assistance, answer questions, or schedule Fellows to work alongside you.


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